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OK, Quake was released in 1996, and it looks really old now, compared to last PC and console FPS games (like Call Of Duty 2, Doom 3, Half Life, Half Life 2, Unreal Tournament, Quake 3, Medal of Honor, Return To Castle: Wolfenstein, The Chronicles of Riddick, Red Faction, Call of Duty, etc... etc... etc... etc...).... I discovered this game during 1996, and I fall in love with it... (In general, I love FPS, it’s not difficult...)... I was already a fan of the Doom series, so moving to Quake (or others FPGS) was really cool... Then, in 2004, I discovered it was still remaining some “dinosaurus” guys who were developing maps for this “old game”, and for me it was a real brand new challenge to build my own maps, my own levels... So, after some more or less interesting and some successfull and unsuccessfull tests, taking some good advices from knowledgeable people and “pro” mappers... I finally did it...


BTW, I would like to give thanks to the « Quake Func_ Forum » guys for all their precious advices and help..



Quake Maps


*  The Gateway to Hell (SP):

Release Date:      2010, November, 10th

Download:          gth.zip (8903 kB)

Informations:      The Gateway to Hell is supposed to be a “Castle of the Dark Ages” sequel, so it uses the same texture set, that has been enriched by some Doom3 textures, and some home-made ones. After almost 20 months of work (but less than a half part time effort), I am rather proud of the result, let’s hope the players will not be deceived... Please use either aguirRe’s GLQuake, or FitzQuake0.85, with Quoth2 mod in order to play properly the map... Enjoy ! .

Screenshots:       [1] [2] [3]



*  Fort Driant (SP):

Release Date:      2009, March, 6th

Download:          fort_driant.zip (15966 kB) or fort_driant-fullvis.zip (5506kB) Alternate fullvis map/lit download only

Informations:      Fort Driant is so far my biggest map, and the biggest pain in the neck ever as well... After 17 days of fullvis, I realized the map had HOMs... unfortunately... HOMs that did not exist with its fastvised version.. What the fuck !! So I decided to release the fastvis version, just because visually it is better... The action takes place on Earth, Quake armed forces finally landed, and the invasion is about to start. Your mission is to stop the ennemy... Please use either aguirRe’s GLQuake, or FitzQuake0.85, with Quoth2 mod in order to play properly the map... Enjoy ! .

Screenshots:       [1] [2] [3] [4]



*  Slime Refinery Complex 2 (SP):

Release Date:      2008, March, 10th

Download:          src2.zip (2696 kB)

Informations:      Well, this is a remake of SRC that has been released in June 2007. Actually this map was the first one, and I “downgraded” SRC to Quoth, as Quoth2 was not available at this time. So, this map needs Quoth2 to be correctly played, and while it has been already played, expect some small changes in the layout, and the full set of Quoth2 monsters. As usual, feel free to provide feedback. Enjoy ! .

Screenshots:       [1] [2] [3] [4]



*  The Holiday Frags (DM):

Release Date:      2007, September, 16th

Download:          thf.zip (1497 kB)

Informations:      This is my second deathmatch map, and I spent three weeks on it during my holidays (it explain the map title!), plus 4 weeks in order to refine it, and add way points to support FrogBot... Well, mabe it was too early to deliver it, but now I guess it is the latest version...  It uses Desolation wad texture set, plus star-sky4 texture for sky, and it has six start pads. Feel free to give feedback..

Screenshots:       [1] [2]



*  Five Rivers Land (SP):

Release Date:      2007, July, 30th

Download:          5rivers.zip (10681 kB)

Informations:      This project is a remake of Doom3 Hell level.. I should say a “down-make” as having the full level in a single map is impossible, also because of the amount of details to reproduce. In the end, I had to split the map in 3 pieces, due to some exceeded limits... For these maps, I put the emphasis on the ambience, while, like in Doom3, the gameplay is very linear, except in the final arena (if you survive till there)... Note that Quoth pack is required to play the stuff properly, and heavily recommend people to read the .txt file before unzipping the file... Now be prepare to face the most frightening experiment ever... As usual, all comments are welcome..

Screenshots:       [1] [2] [3] [4]



*  Slime Refinery Complex (SP):

Release Date:      2007, June, 23rd

Download:          src.zip (2789 kB)

Informations:      The action takes place in a base, a kind of refinery (as explains its name). This map was previously built for func_ Base pack.... For some reasons, I decided to self outcast, in order to deliver, and not having to wait “ages” for some other people to deliver their stuff... Anyway, now it is finished. The map uses the Doom3 textures I converted last year, you will need Quoth pack to play it, and IMHO (even if I’m not really objective) it is visually cool... All comments and advices are welcome.

Screenshots:       [1] [2] [3] [4]



*  Event Horizon (SP):

Release Date:      2006, March, 31st

Download:          Event.zip (4012 kB)

Informations:      The action take place in Event Horizon Moon base research laboratory. This laboratory studies inter-dimensional travel using black holes... And some month ago, something terrible happened: Quake Hell’s forces unfortunately invaded the base... Now you are the only one able to save Earth... Let’s go !... This map is based on DKT1/4 texture sets, plus some I made by myself. The map contains 85 monsters in easy skill, 150 in normal skill, and 207 monsters in hard skill... There is also a “little” surprise for the final battle... Furthermore I would like to thank aguirRe for his technical support (about compilation issues, and progs.dat support), and also for beta testing. As well, I thank Hrimfaxi, Scragbait, distrans and Trinca for beta testing, and all the advices they provided me.

Screenshots:       [1] [2] [3] [4]



*  Castle of the Dark Ages (SP):

Release Date:      2005, October, 22nd

Download:          CDA.zip (3342 kB)

Informations:      This map has been started for the Quake Func_ 1000 brushes winter contest released in november 2004. But due to the birth of my secondt daughter, I missed the release date. So I turned the map into a bigger project, with Daïkatana episode 3 texture set use only (as required in the inital contest). The map design is then based on gothic castle architecture, located in a huge wide open area, and an underearth final battle area.. The map contains more than 210 monsters in hard skill... I also experienced a frightening fullvis issue concerning map compilation time, due to the wide open area: it was around 1218 hours (you read it correctly: one thousand two hundred and eighteen hours... 50 days and 18 hours... *sights*)... It was a big patience challenge, and at least, it prooved that aguirRe’s vis tool is really bugfree... Furthermore I would like to thank aguirRe for his technical support and for beta testing. As well, I thank Hrimfaxi, R.P.G, and Scragbait for beta testing. Oh, and thanks also to Nemesis for his amazing terrain generator tool... And please, read the readme file: there are some usefull instructions in order to be able to play the map correctly, particularly concerning engine choice...

Screenshots:       [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]


*  Cheyenne Mountain Complex (SP):

Release Date:      2004, November, 20th

Download:          CMC.zip (2019 kB)

Informations:      This is a huge base based map with around 200 Monsters on hard skill. I based this level on the famous StarGate movie serie... I also experienced a lot of compilation warnings, and thank to aguirRe, I was able to solve all of them.

Screenshots:       [1] [2] [3] [4]


* Bunker (DM):

Release Date:      2004, May, 23rd

Download:          Bunker.zip (449 kB)

Informations:      My first deathmatch map... Well, it is not very good, but I had good fight sessions with bots...

Screenshots:       [1] [2]


* Hatchepsout: The temple of Hell (SP):

Release Date:    2004, May, 13th

Download:          Hellchepsout.zip (990 kB)

Informations:      Well, this is my first SP map. It is an Egyptian theme map.. and for a first try, I’m rather happy of the result...

Screenshots:       [1] [2] [3] [4]





*  SGC_tex.zip (32 kB) has been created from images I found on the web. It is based on the StarGate movie, and I used these textures in “Cheyenne Mountain Complex” Q1SP map. It is also my first textures, and the wad file is only composed by 3 textures (i.e. a rotating SGC logo, a big SGC logo, and the “ring”...)


*  JPLtex_set1.zip (226 kB) It is a set of textures I built for Event Horizon map, and also for Quake Travail project, that is scheduled to be relased for 10th Quake anniversary during mid-july.


*  Doom3_tex.zip (7252 kB) It is a conversion of Doom3 texture sets “down to” Quake format. Sorry Id team; I’ve stolen the textures, but Doom3 was so great visually, that I thought immediatly to port the textures to Quake, as a tribute... In anyway, as they are a certain amount of textures, I preserved the 21 extraction folder names, and so the full set is splited into 21 wad files... Let me know if you find any issue (fullbrights, etc...)



Mods & Tools


*  Patman v1.03 (433 kB) by Necromancer (Daniel Barnardo): This tool allows you to select a play mode, the skill level, and a map from ID1/map directory...


*  Killer Pack v0.90 (1274 kB) by Howard Roy (http://kqp.horoy.com/) This quake mod gives more cool weapons (as examples: vampire axe, auto shotgun, proximity mine launcher; fire launcher, guided rocket, and the amazing BFG9000 !!), and a lot of cool additional stuff (personnal rotweiller, exploding bags, banana, etc...). You can also check out Howard Roy’s KQP latest version on his web site.


*  Reaper Bot beta 0.80 (169 kB) by Steven Polge: A simple bot tool which allow to play deathmatch maps alone, against bots... This bot engine is not the best, so far, but at least, it’s the easiest to use...



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